Myanmar Trip Update


Hello Friends! I wanted to tell y’all about my recent ministry trip to Myanmar (Burma) that took place in February!

Myanmar is a country on the other side of the planet, literally (about a 12 hour time zone difference)! It is a primarily buddhist country sandwiched in between China and India. It is a very undeveloped country and poverty is everywhere you look. Christianity is legal there, but Christians become a part of the Persecuted Church. During my visit, I met brothers and sisters who had lost great things for their faith in Christ. Becoming a Christian in Myanmar may mean the destruction of your property or even death.

During my stay there, I led worship and preached for three days at an annual Bible conference in Yangon, the former capital city. I also spent some time hanging out with some of the children at an orphanage run by Myanmar Agape Ministries. The week that I was there ended with a graduation ceremony for students attending International Calvary Theological Seminary. I had the privilege and honor of performing and leading worship at the graduation ceremonies.

Myanmar Agape Ministries is currently housing many orphans from all over the country. These orphans are given food, shelter, clothing and are exposed to the Word of God on a daily basis. Many of these children will go on to become ministers to their families and to their country. The first thing that I noticed when I arrived at the orphanage was how the children immediately clung to you. They absolutely did not want to let you go. I knew that many of them had been abandoned by their parents. We stayed and gave them as much love as we could.

One of the powerful spiritual truths that struck me while I was there: that as believers, we have not received the spirit of an orphan, but we have received the spirit of permanent adoption. God will never abandon us because of our failing. He has made us permanent sons and daughters. This reality causes us to be able to move about freely in life, able to take risks and be confident that we are securely God’s children. He will NEVER disown us. Jesus was already disowned in our place on the cross. We were freely given credit for His perfect obedience. We are permanently favored and blessed children of God. Understanding this reality changes the way we act: we act not as orphans, but as children of the king!

I had the privilege of leading worship and sharing the wonderful Gospel of Grace at the 6th Annual Bible Conference. There were buddhists in attendance and it was an honor to share the love of Christ with them. I love sharing the fact that we have been made completely clean (Heb 10:14) by what was accomplished on the cross!

Toward the end of my time there, I had the opportunity of leading worship at a graduation ceremony for students graduating from International Calvary Theological Seminary. Many of these students will be sent deep into Myanmar, preaching the gospel. Many will be persecuted for their faith. It was such a great honor to spend time with them and take part in the ceremony.

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